Questions & Answers

What information do you need to help me?

Your Special Requirements. The primary area of interest, number of bedrooms and baths, age of home preferred, square footage needed, school requirements, price range, and any other special needs help narrow the selection.

Can you represent me in the real estate transaction?

Both buyer and seller representation is available. It is wise to have a professional on your side during the home search, during negotiations and during the closing process.

How do we get our financing started?

We have a close working relationship with quality lenders known for their competitive rates, fast service and high degree of professionalism and ethics.

Does it take long to close once a home has been found?

A cash sale can close in a matter of a few days. Typical financing takes an average of 4-6 weeks.

What can I do to determine the condition of the property we want to purchase?

Professional Home Inspections Are Available And Are Highly Recommended. Termite and wood destroying organism reports are routine and are required by lenders in this area.

Are there any up front fees?

No. We Do Not Charge An Advanced Fee To Represent You. The lender will charge an appraisal fee and credit report fee at loan application. Building inspections are customarily paid for at the time of inspection.

What areas and price ranges do you cover?

We Service Hampton Roads, Metro Orlando and Greater Jacksonville , Florida. Referrals are available for those with needs outside of our marketing areas. All price ranges welcome.

We need to sell a home. Can you help us?

Absolutely. Marketing homes has long been a specialty. We can help you set a competitive price and provide effective marketing.

You are very busy. Can we expect personal service?

Yes. You will work with one of our experienced professionals. We have an administrative staff to insure all of our clients are kept well informed and every detail is professionally handled.

What facts should I consider when choosing a Realtor?

Trust Your Instincts. Did you like the person on first contact? Do you trust the information that they are telling you/giving/sending you? Purchasing a home is a large investment, you should feel comfortable with the person helping you. Does the Realtor live in the area, or at least know the area well enough to give you the information that your decision will require? Is this a career for them, or just a hobby? Are they professional, organized, knowledgeable and trustworthy? Remember, if this is their chosen profession, they will give you a commitment of their time, knowledge & expertise, before, during and after the sale… and will expect the same commitment of loyalty from you. This is how they earn a living, be respectful of that fact. Can you reach them whenever you need to… (but also respect the fact that they may have families and do need some sleep).

If you have any further questions or would like a complimentary no-obligation brochure "Buying or Selling a Home? Work with a Realtor", please call us toll free at 1-888-714.6768.