Seller’s Guide

Here are the key steps to selling a home
how Time Residential can help make the process easier

Step One: Pre-Market Consultation

As a home seller, you want someone to listen to and understand your needs. Time Residential guides you through the process and respond to your questions, quickly with honest, straight forward answers. The decision is about more than just the money.

The process of selling your home has never been more complex. Rapidly changing home values, increased regulations, and numerous marketing options mean that to truly maximize the value of your home, you need a trusted advisor who understands the market, knows how to bring the best out of your property, and is willing to do what it takes to find the highest bidder.

Time Residential manages the details that trip up most real estate companies so that your fate isn't with those who didn't value your most valued asset. We have a proven track record of getting the job done, even under the most intense deadline pressure. We walk you through every aspect of the process we'll use to sell your home including the Promotional Strategy, Competitive Market Analysis, Negotiations and Follow-up.

Step Two: Learn Your Home's True Value - CMA Comparative Market Analysis

Get help in establishing the right asking price based on numbers and facts.

Although reports can vary, from a two-page list of comparable home sales to a 50-page comprehensive guide, the length and complexity of the report varies. Our comparative market analysis reports contain the following data: Active Listings (Homes currently for sale).They are not indicative of market value because sellers can ask whatever they want for their home. Pending Listings Pending Sale (Homes are formerly active listings that are under contract, but not yet closed, so they are not yet a comparable sale). Unless the listing agent is willing to share information about the pending sale -- and many are not -- you will not know the actual sold price until the transaction closes. However, pending sales do indicate the direction the market is moving. If your home is priced above the list price of these pending sales, you could face longer DOM (Days on market). Sold Listings (Homes that have closed within the past six months are your comparable sales). These are the sales an appraiser will use when appraising your home for the buyer, along with the pending sales (which will likely have closed by the time your home is sold). Look long and hard at the comparable sales because those are your market value. Off-Market / Withdrawn / Canceled. (These are properties that were taken off the market for a variety of reasons.) Usually, the reason homes are removed from the market is because the prices were too high).

We examining Comparable Sales (Look long and hard at the comparable sales because those are your market value) that most closely resemble your home. We evaluate based on: Similar square footage, Similar age of construction, Similar amenities, upgrades, and condition, and the Location.

Asking too much might ultimately be more costly than asking too little for your property. Our residential counselor will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) at no charge or obligation.

Step Three: Choose a Professional

Select an experienced professional to sell your home. Real estate is not a 9-5 business. Great real estate agents are extremely responsive and available 24-7 if necessary. You need someone who is comfortable with the level of communication that you want and need. That individual should be able to provide prompt replies via phone, text, or email, even after “normal” business hours. Gone are the days of people finding home listings merely through newspaper ads or for-sale signs in the front yard. You need a real estate professional who understands the ins and outs of selling a home online. From Zillow and Trulia and every other real estate website in between, your chosen real estate agent needs to have a strong online presence to effectively market your property.


Step Four: Superior Marketing and Complete Regional Coverage

At Time Residential our goal is not simply to sell your house, but to help you realize the best price obtainable for your property in the shortest period of time. To help you achieve this goal our home enhancement services will introduce you to practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your house for sale. These suggestions require a minimum of time and expense to complete. Our home enhancement and home-staging services are a result of years in the business, establishing relationships with tried and true service professionals.

First impressions count. We've seen thousands of properties and are uniquely skilled in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale.

Whether the ultimate buyer of your home is local, regional, national or international, the marketing system applied must be designed to deliver the right buyer at the maximum price. Time Residential provides highly specialized marketing designed exclusively for your home. Given that in excess of 90% of today’s buyers begin their real estate search on-line Time Residential employs a comprehensive, powerful, and cutting edge internet marketing strategy.

We have developed an aggressive marketing system that incorporates the marketing know how of our many years of experience and success in locating today's sophisticated exclusive home buyer. Targeted electronic media exposure features 360 virtual touring submission to selected magazines, newspapers and affinity groups attracts and directs buyers to your doorstep every minute of the day.

Step Five: The Closing Process

Our home services team is here to help you with escrow and title services, buyer's home warranties and inspections, finding the right mover and utility disconnect providers.

The following is a strong review for our home owner in the process of settle the sale of your home.

Real Estate Closing Closing Process - is essentially a meeting where the closing agent (the party who conducts settlement) takes in money from the buyers, pays out money to the owner and makes sure that the purchaser's title is properly recorded in local records along with any mortgage liens.

All papers have been prepared by closing agents, title companies, lenders and/or lawyers. This paperwork reflects the sale agreement and allows all parties to the transaction to verify their interests. For instance, buyers get the title to the property, lenders have their loans recorded in the public records and state governments collect their transfer taxes.

The closing agent reviews the sale agreement to determine what payments and credits the owner should receive and what amounts are due from the buyer. The closing agent also assures that certain transaction costs are paid (taxes and title searches). Closing is also the time when "adjustments" will be made. For instance, suppose you've pre-paid taxes four months in advance. In this case, the closing agent will compensate you for the prepayment at closing by having the buyer pay you additional money. It could also work in reverse. If you are behind on property taxes, the closing agent will reduce the money due to you at settlement by the amount of the unpaid taxes.

Step Six: Moving out of the Area

Time Residential can assist with all of your permanent change of duty station and housing needs not only in Metro Hampton Roads, Virginia - Greater Jacksonville, Florida, but anywhere in the world. Our referral coordinator will assign your client to an experienced, full time relocation specialist who will keep you informed and handle your referral with the utmost urgency and professionalism. Our relocation team helps make the transition easier.

We offer a wide-range of people services from pre-move counseling to all areas of home sales, leasing and relocation management. We deliver the highest quality services with speed, accuracy and consistency.


Having an experienced, knowledgeable real estate professional to help navigate the complicated home buying and selling process is critical these days. By investing a little time upfront and asking the right questions you can help ensure that your home buying or selling experience goes smoothly and is successful.