Selling Your Home

What's your biggest fear when you list your home with a real estate agent? It's simple. You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent agent costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market.



As a home seller you want the most money in the least time with the least inconvenience. You want someone to both manage the marketing process, handle the details and keep you informed. For many, selling a home entails a mixture of sadness, fear, relief, excitement and apprehension. These emotions conjure up many questions: Are we doing the right thing? Is now the right time? What about the kids and their friends? Can we really afford this? Will the house sell before we move?

Worry no more! We take the risk and fear out of listing your home.

You pay no up front costs for our services! So you can bet we will work hard to get your home sold for as much as the market will bear and within your time frame. We will tell you where we will advertise your home, both in print and on the web.

We walk you through every aspect of the process we'll use to sell your home including the Promotional Strategy, Competitive Market Analysis, Negotiations and Follow-up.

What's more important than a deadline? Nothing!

Becoming a landlord by accident... through inheritance, by job transfer or "no sale" of your former home can be stressful.

Time Residential manages the details that trip us most real estate companies so that your fate isn't with those who didn't value your most valued asset. We have a proven track record of getting the job done, even under the most intense deadline pressure.


If you're thinking about selling your home now or in the near future... CALL US!

We Won't List You And Leave You!

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