Is the property I saw on line still available?

We update our listings constantly which includes adding and removing listings from various online links when they go on off the market. To be 100% sure simply call and our staff can provide you with up to the minute answers about availability. If the property you are interested in is no longer available our staff would be more than willing to help you find another similar home even if it isn’t one that we manage.

How do I apply for a new home?

After viewing the property that you want, we will provide an application and a lease. After the application process and approval by Tenant Verification services, we will sign the lease, and the property will become your new home.

How much does the application cost?

Non-refundable application fee is $35.00 per applicant.

What if I have bad credit?

Applicants with bad credit will be evaluated on a case by case basis with the owner’s final approval. We can also approve you using income verification and character references.

What if you turn me down?

We work with all prospective tenants to help them find suitable housing. If you do not qualify, we will provide a clear reason.

What do you generally check for in the application process?

We review your Credit History, Rental History, and Employment verification or other income.

Can we negotiate on the lease?

All leases are negotiable unless said otherwise. The price and terms may be negotiated with Time Residential Property Management.

Can we sign a lease via fax?

Although in some cases it is more convenient to sign a lease over fax, it is Time Residential Property Management’s company policy to have both parties each sign two copies of the lease at the same time. One reason for this is so we can provide tenants answers and details for any questions that may come up at the last minute and also because we provide one signed original to the tenants, and keep one for our records. This allows each party to verify all details of what is signed.

Can we negotiate on the security deposit?

This is also negotiable, but within reason, we must protect the homeowners interests.

What happens with the security deposit?

It is placed in a trust account and will be refundable subject to the terms and conditions of your rental agreement and the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act guidelines at the end of the lease if the property is left in proper condition subject to the terms of your lease, less normal and reasonable wear and tear, of course.

Where do I make payments?

All Payments can be made to Time Residential and can be sent via postal courier to Time Residential, One Columbus Center, Sixth Floor, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

What about pets?

Some of our properties do not allow pets which is usually made clear before the initially showing is arranged.

Is there a pet deposit?

All pet fees, deposits and permissions are disclosed before leasing. Pets are accepted on a case by case basis.

Can we bring our own washer and dryer and even refrigerator?

If these aren’t provided by the homeowner then by all means bring your own. If you have your own appliances it may be possible to arrange to have those items stored at the property while you use your own.

When is rent due?

To standardize our collection procedures rent is due on the first of the month. Monthly rent for leases that do not begin of the first of the month or end on the last of the month are simply prorated or divided equally to correspond to that amount due for a particular portion of that month. Rent is considered late at 12:01 AM on the second of the month and is handled in accordance with the lease.

What is needed to begin a lease?

We need a submitted rental application. After the rental application is processed, one of our Property Managers will meet with you to sign a lease. After that occurs, the only thing required is the Security Deposit and first months rent.

Is the security deposit refundable?

The security deposit is fully refundable if the property is left in the condition that it was before you moved in (Normal wear and tear, of course will be considered). Pet deposits are not refundable.

How do I have the utilities changed to my name?

Please refer to our site Index page to get a list of all the local utilities. A signed lease for your property is required to have the utilities changed to your name.

What if we notice something wrong after we move in?

We provide an inspection report to you, on this form please note any discrepancies within five days of move in. Contact us via phone to schedule any necessary repairs to the property.

What are my responsibilities?

Basic responsibilities of lessees or tenants include and are not limited to: Paying the rent on time, maintaining the premises, allowing the landlord reasonable access, complying with rules and regulations of the lease, and to use the property as a dwelling only. The most important responsibility of tenants is to immediately notify the Time Residential Property Management of plumbing, sewage, electrical, or other health related emergency immediately upon occurrence or discovery.

Can I use my credit card or debit card to pay for rent, condominium water bills?

Credit Cards are accepted by Time Residential for the payment of water bills that are our condominium tenant’s responsibility. We are set up to accept debit cards and credit cards for deposits, condominium resident water usage bills and rental payments. You will be charged a 3% convenience fee for each transaction. Always call our office in advance for instructions on how to pay by credit card or debit card. A printable credit card authorization form can be found on our site index under the forms and applications link. You can complete the form on our website screen, but must then print it out and sign it. In order to process your payment we would prefer that the authorization for be faxed, hand delivered or sent to our office by USPS. This is more for the security of your credit card information than anything else. Never send confidential information or credit account numbers over the internet.

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What if something breaks?

Notify Time Residential Property Management of anything you feel needs repair. In most cases these repairs will be made without expense to tenants if the cause of the problem requiring repair was not through tenant neglect, negligence, or intentional cause. Miscellaneous items not required to be provided by the landlord in the lease and that are caused by normal use of the property may be repaired if the owner wishes to do so. Tenants may choose to pay for some of these repairs but can only be completed following written authorization and approval to carry out such repairs.

Who do we call about repairs?

The "Property Manager On Call" with Time Residential Property Management is available at all times to receive and dispatch repair requests at 757-718-2360.In the majority of cases we require only fully licensed and insured contractors to make repairs and renovations to the property. Tenants may choose to pay to have these requests carried out. Work can only begin following written authorization and approval to carry out repairs or renovations which is given exclusively through Time Residential Property Management. If tenant repairs or renovations are made, they become property of the landlord and remain part of the property after the lease is over. Tenants are also not authorized to deduct ANY repair or renovation cost from the monthly rent.

What is the number we contact in case of an emergency?

The "Property Manager On Call" with Time Residential Property Management is available at all times to receive all emergency notifications at 757-718-2360.

Can we paint?

Permission to paint as with any other alterations to the property must be given by Time Residential Property Management. Usually with regards to painting permission will be given following receipt of written requests that include paint color and type, location, application method, and waiver to cover expenses for damages and restoration of sloppy work.

What about lawn care?

The party responsible for lawn care is always designated in each lease we sign. In most cases the tenant is responsible to maintain the premises and provide lawn care unless specified in the lease. In other cases, particularly condos and other similar homes lawn care and maintenance is provided through the HOA.

What is an HOA?

The acronym "HOA" stands for Home Owners Association. This term applies to associations formed by community members, condo owners, or even builders of newer communities and work to maintain standards throughout the community to uphold the quality of living on the community level.

What are the rules with the community and specifically the HOA?

Time Residential Property Management will provide all HOA rule, covenants, and restrictions to tenants as furnished by the homeowners and HOA’s as soon as tenancy begins.

Are there fines and what if we do get fined?

HOA's will usually warn tenants before fines are issued for simple infractions and Time Residential Property Management will notify tenants as soon as we receive notification of any violations or warnings.

What if rent is late?

Late charges can vary between the various leases. Time Residential Property Management has in place a general rule of thumb we will charge a 10% late fee if rent is received after the 3rd of the month. Please call us and let us know ahead of time if you feel the rent may be late.

Can we end the lease early?

A lease must be honored by all parties, and can be terminated only through written agreement of all parties to the lease. In some cases we may allow an early end to a lease initially depending on the owner’s preferences and approval. Usually owners will allow us to end a lease on a tenant's request for military personnel who are transferred out of the area, or if tenants can locate new tenants, who meet the screening requirements. And can assume the terms of the lease without a vacancy period.

I gave my landlord proper notice that I will move out. I suggested that in lieu of paying the last month’s rent, the landlord apply the security deposit to the last month’s rent. May the landlord refuse?

Yes. Paragraph 7 of the Time Residential lease agreement provides that the tenant may not withhold the last month’s rent on grounds that the security deposit is payment for the last month’s rent. The security deposit is security for the tenant’s performance under the lease, including the tenant’s obligation to return the property without damage (excluding normal wear and tear).

After the initial lease term ends, may the landlord insist that the tenant sign an extension, or may the tenant insist on a "month-to-month" tenancy?

Under the Time Residential lease, the lease automatically converts to a month-to-month tenancy unless either party gives prior notice of termination (30 days or more). Before the original term ends, the landlord may notify the tenant that the parties must either execute a renewal or the landlord will terminate. While the landlord cannot compel the tenant to accept an extension or renewal agreement, the landlord may terminate the lease with proper notice if the tenant refuses to enter into an extension or renewal.

How do we get our deposit back?

After you move out we inspect the premises and make all necessary repairs to get the property back to original condition. If the property is left in great condition we will refund the full security deposit. If repairs are necessary to restore the property to the original condition at beginning of tenancy, we will make those repairs quickly and efficiently, deduct the cost of repairs from the security deposit, and then refund the difference of the deposit when all repairs and other debts have been accounted for. All monies and expense items are explained along with the remaining deposit disbursement within 45 days after you move out in accordance with the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act and the terms of your rental agreement. Pet deposits are non-refundable.