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"Life is no straight and easy corridor along which we travel free and unhampered, but a maze of passages, through which we seek our way, lost and confused, now and again checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith, a door will open for us, not perhaps one that we ourselves would ever have thought of, but one that will ulltimately prove good for us,"

A.J. Cronin

United States Marine Corps


USMC '68 - '71

1st & 2nd Marine Air Wings, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, West Pac.

National Airlines


TsunTsunAfter my Marine Corps service, I had the incredible opportunity to join National Airlines - Florida's own airline.

TsunNational was the first airline to operate domestic jet flights between Miami and New York, Miami and Los Angeles, Miami-London, Daily 747 flight to Europe, the nation's first all jet airline.

Training curriculum was comprehensive and conducted at National's home base in Miami. Four weeks of one on one instruction, classes and seminars which included FAA regulations, aircraft weights and balance training by the best flight engineers.

The responsibilities of calculating the distribution of loads in accordance with passenger count, cargo and fuel requirements for each flight are critical.

747DC10DC8727Station and operations agents had to be knowledgeable with the mechanical capabilities of the fleet: Left to right: (1) Boeing 727 (B727-100 & 235 Stretch), (2) Douglas DC8 and (Super DC8-61 Stretch), wide body aircraft (3) McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (DC 10-10 & DC 10-30 Intercontinental), (4) Boeing 747-100.

Knowledge of National's fleet nomenclature was mandatory. We became well versed in such areas as each aircraft's centers of gravity, CG Arm, standard empty weight, basic empty weight, landing weight, maximum ramp weight, useful weight, load factors, standard weights of fuels and payload factors.

The operation of reservations and ticketing procedures both at the ticket counter and departure gates were a part of the program. Maintained a working knowledge in security protocals, passenger check-in procedures, pet management, handling of weapons and management, hazardous materials, unaccompanied minors and lastly boarding and deplaning of passengers.

OIAI initially was assigned to Orlando International as a station agent, within a year promoted and offered a transfer to my wife's home town of Virginia Beach.ORF I was based out of the Norfolk Regional Airport which later became the Norfolk International Airport upon the completion of it's new terminal in 1972. Being a senior system station promotion opportunities were slim. The rookie at the station had over 15 years with the airline.

MIAI was willing to relocate as necessary to get the most of every opportunity and within a year a position at the Miami International Airport in Operations was offerred. This was to be a very significant move.

Having relatives in Hialeah to stay with during my transition period was great, but they lived 18 miles west of the airport off the Palmetto Expressway, a heavily traveled freeway carrying in excess of 100,000 vehicles each day creating pure grid lock at any time of the day.

1973 Oil Crisis: Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries Proclaimed An Oil Embargo

All of this was going on during the fuel shortage crisis of 1973. sjdayOnly $3.00 of gas was available on odd/even license tag purchases with as much a 2 hours waiting. Fuel was affordable at .39 a gallon if the stations did not scalp doubling or tripling the prices. Gas lines were several city blocks long. You likely ran out of fuel or the station did before you even made it to the pump. I never did fortunately.


It was late July when I reported to MIA. I decided to be cool and drove my triple black Corvette Sting Ray with no air conditioning down from Norfolk.

SRTNow, I am a 4th generation Orlando native and was hunky-dory with the heat and monsoons that hit at about 2:00 P.M. every day, but man, the humidity was 100% and it was hot! It's 46 years later and I still drive a muscle car, she's got AC!!! Wannaplay?

Not being a management level employee you became a manadatory union member. Between union strikes of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), sympathy work slow downs and or mandatory supporting of the striking airline Association of Flight Attendants - (CWA) paychecks were severely affected. I did not agree with the strikes and work slow downs.

National cared about the employees and it was difficult not doing your job that you loved so much to pacify the AFLCIO. National's success was to be it's downfall. All of it's aircraft and equipment were paid for and had the finest aircraft, management team, facilities and routes.

TsunDOMESTIC: Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Miami (MIA),OIA Jacksonville (JAX), Houston (HOU), Los Angeles (LAX), New Orleans (MSY), New York (JFK), New York (LGA), Newark (EWR), Orlando (MCO), San Francisco (SFO), Tampa (TPA), Washington (DCA), West Palm Beach (PBI). INTERNATIONAL: Amsterdam (AMS), Frankfurt (FRA), London (LHR), Paris (PAR).

During the 70's several airlines attempted hostile takeovers of National Airlines unsuccessfully. Pan American ultimately acquired National Airlines and operated it's routes that it long coveted. Pan Am soon set up its own shuttle to compete with Eastern's successful operation.

The merger with National did not go smoothly and proved to be the one of if not the most destructive take overs in aviation history. National Airlines and Pan Am basically were financially flown into the ground.


80pa727The airline that was synonymous with aviation for over 60 years succumbed to years of crushing financial pressures. Deregulation was passed and suddenly Pan American was debit ridden, and it's stability was further complicated by multiple air disasters between the two airlines.

TsunFlight 193 / 727- 200 (N42NA) was involved in unintentional descent into terrain - Escambia Bay - 3 Fatalities. The aircraft a economic total loss, Flight 27 MD DC-10-30 (N60NA) suffered an uncontainedNAL27 starboard turbine engine failure - as a result the cabin depressurized, a cabin window separated from the fuselage and tragically a passenger was ejected from the aircraft.

Pan AM Flight 759 Boeing 727-235 (N4737), formerly owned by National Airlines, was forced down by a (Windshear) microburst shortly after takeoff - Killing all 146 people on board and 8 people on the ground.

A great opportunity with the Orlando Fire Department was on the horizon. The city was expanding the department with the resulting McCoy AFB being identified for closure as part of a post-Vietnam reduction in force. Needless to say, I was definitely paying attention. My Marine Corps civil service preference positioned me on an accelerated path to the department.


c1.11365OFDAfter graduating from the fire academy my assignment was the Orlando Jetport (KMCO) formerly McCoy Air Force Base which was a SAC base for B-47 and B-52 Aircraft. The Orlando Fire Department had two stations at the Jetport: Station 8 on the terminal side and station 16 on the Airside. I became certified as a (FAA) Crash Firefighter then was assigned to Station 52mco16, Crash 3 and Engine 88. There were plenty of memories at the Jetport which included the high jacking of a Delta Convair 880 where the copilot was shot and dumped out the cockpit window, while the FBI was shooting the tires off during takeoff. Pictures "Are worth a thousand words." Needless to say, the Orlando Fire Department at the Jetport was never idle. The crash of an USAF B-52 at the Jetport pretty much covers that subject.

In 1974, hiloUSAF responsibility for the airfield's air traffic control tower was turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Orlando Fire Department assumed 100% responsibility for crash, fire and rescue protection.

diver In late 1975 through mid 1976, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) was formed and assumed Airside, structural fire and crash protection. The Jetport was renamed the Orlando International Airport (MCO) Its FAA airport identifier code MCO for it's former name, McCoy Air Force Base. Jetport firefighters had the option to remain with the GOAA or transfer to combat status. I chose to stay with OFD and prepared for my next assignment.

I was certified as an EMT, Rescue Diver, and Hazmat Technician then reassigned to District 1, Station 1, Tower 1, "B-D" Shift. Fire Station One (1)"The Big House" housed the Fire Chief and administrative offices, the EMS division, Topography, Engines 1, 51, Tower 1, Rescue 1, Rescue Boat 1, Hazmat 1 and the District 1 Commander.


Shift schedules (10/14, 24/72, 24/48) allowed time off to pursue many opportunities. Continuing my education was a priority.

I completed degrees in Fire Technology & Real Estate Administration then secured a Florida Real Estate Salesman license, followed by both a Florida & Virginia real estate broker license.

The economy was evolving with double digit interest rates, deregulation... A lot to consider. My long term focus was to establish a company designed to attract business from the public safety sector in Central Florida namely from the Orange, Seminole & Osceola County Sheriff & Fire Departments, Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs Fire & Police Departments and the Florida Highway Patrol.

During my initial 12 months as a freshman real estate agent I spent my available time taking marketing and real estate management courses, attended seminars and prospecting programs such as and including the Floyd Wickman's Sweathogs, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale - "Think and Grow Rich," Dale Carnegie, Ed Foreman Successful Life Course, and Mike Ferry's One on One Real Estate Coaching and Training Initiatives. Next in line were memberships with the Orlando-Winter Park Board of Realtors and Sertoma International. My goal was to establish and develop networking and personal growth opportunities with other like minded individuals through community service.

I evaluated the brokerages in Central Florida, the areas of the industry that interested me and where I should invest my time and energy as an eager new agent. I placed my license with Don Asher & Associates, a very established company whose office was right across the street from Orlando's downtown Central Fire Station and enjoyed much success with the company. Mr. Asher guided me into the world of business opportunity sales where I listed and sold several businesses. One in particular was a local tavern with land and building. I sold it myself, an ABH transaction, to the executive chef, Johnny Rivers from Walt Disney World. It was great... a 10% commission on a gross sale of $100,000. One heck of a kick start with a big hit right out of the blocks and shortly afterwards also sold Mr. Rivers a single family home I had recently listed - another ABH transaction.

Mr. Asher called me into his office not long afterwards, shut the door and said we need to talk. I figured I must have stepped in something so I fastened my seat belt. He said, John, you have turned into one of my best agents and are only part time. You need to leave the fire service and become a full time agent. Sounded great, but having a family, with two young daughters, a new home in Lake Conway Estates and a sizable mortgage.... Now that I am a broker, looking back at the the suggestion I had just received I can clearly see why he proposed it.

I considered Don's advice and explored my options. After a few months decided to join one of the power house brokerages in the area with high visibility (Village Realty Group - The Gallery of Homes) and a great agent training program. I really liked the owners - John "Jack" Ballard, Michael Winn and Mary Anne Bouldin. This was a highly respected company with presence in the marketplace. Mary Anne was an inspiration and really made me feel like this was the place I needed to be. It was a tough thing to do, but I made an appointment with Mr. Asher and laid my cards on the table then joined Village Realty.

While still a full time paid professional firefighter with tremendous flexibility in work schedules I was successful in transitioning into a full time professional real estate broker status on my own terms while maintaining the security of employment with the City of Orlando Fire Department.

In my very first year with Village, I 80was selected as the 1980 "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" then in 1981 was the "TOP LISTOR BY UNITS" recipient for the Orlando Gallery of Homes entire company.

During 1982 speculation was rampant in the Orlando real estate community. Merrill Lynch moved into the area and bought Village Realty of Winter Park, Park Place Associates, and Atkins-Green-Stauffer-Clark & Co.

The National Airlines - Pan American merger was still fresh in my mind and the outcome. I could hear the clock ticking.

Merrill Lynch Realty Associates had 400 offices in 20 states, behind Century 21 and Coldwell Banker. As with Pan American Merrill Lynch divested it's self and then sold to Prudential Real Estate Affiliates.

It was time to act on Mr. Asher's advice. In 1983, I made the decision, vested and retired from the Orlando Fire Department. Behind my service in the United States Marine Corps my incredible experiences with the Orlando Fire Department" "D" Shift Mad Dogs can in no way ever be replaced. I shall always remember my crew members, the comradery, fire Station 1 at 439 S. Magnolia Avenue "The Big House," and the relationships - ALWAYS! The priviledge of being a member of the Orlando Fire Department was the greatest honor of my life.

Having met the requirement by the Florida DBPR - it was time to open CODE IV PROPERTIES, INC, REALTORS.

Code IV Properties South East Orlando Office - 7305 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, FL 32825

Incorporated in 1981,cfr Code IV Properties established three offices: Downtown (894-4444), Southside (859-9500), East Orlando (273-2000).


Our East Orlando office was established specifically to service the communities of Chickasaw Woods, Chickasaw Forest, Chickasaw Farms, Chickasaw Oaks, Quail Trail Estates, Rio Pinar Estates and Country Club (Home of the Florida Citrus Open Invitational where in 1971 Arnold Palmer Palmer shot 18-under 270 to win the tournament).


sborangeFYI: I am a fourth generation Orlando Native, a graduate of Colonial High School, Valencia College, Marine Corps Veteran '68 - '71, a very well known City of Orlando Firefighter and just happened to be married to a Sun Bank Assistant Vice President who coincidentally was the AVP of the East Orlando Conway Sun Bank branch. Surely, no one noticed the connection...

It's not who you are that makes special people special, it's what you do!

YOMBusiness FFdevelopment activities included "Yard of the Month" recognition awards featuring gift certificates from Scotty's Home Improvement Centers, ScottysFlorida Festival's Al E. Gator Restaurant and General Cinema theaters.Cinema

Watch"Neighborhood Watch" programs were organized in conjunction with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. sologo

Scheduled "Watch" meetings were held in our Curry Ford Road offices.

letter2letter1Monthly newsletters were published and distributed highlighting "Yard of the Month" award recipients, upcoming "Neighborhood Watch" updates, "New Neighbor" introductions, New Listings, Recent Sales, Open Houses, Garage Sales and area events. Each spring and fall Code IV Properties coordinated community-wide garage sales providing complimentary signs & classified advertising in the Orlando Sentinel. Subdivision specific resident directories promoting privately owned businesses and services were distributed each year to all residents.

In October residents received complimentary Halloween pumpkins delivered by two magnificent Brazilian Stallions pulling hay wagons throughout the communities. At the conclusion of the event hay rides for children always were a smash hit. All this was followed the next week by a pizza night outing at the area Chuck E. Cheese's to thank the families for their support and assistance in the Halloween pumpkin event.

y2luminaries pumpkinsDuring the Christmas holiday season our Luminaries program unfolded. Household received Luminary kits in time for Christmas Eve's lighting event. Luminary are little lanterns: #6 sand-filled paper bags with a votive candle inside then sprayed with PAM cooking oil. The kits were organized by lot configuration: Corner lots, in-line lots, cul-de-sac properties. Luminaries lined the streets about 5-10 feet apart along the curb through out the communities and lighted just after dark on Christmas Eve. Gorgeous!

Code IV Properties became recognized as a house "SOLD" name in the southeast Orlando marketplace.
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In 1986, Code IV Properties and our Referral Company, Wright Associates, were acquired by Central Florida's largest independent real estate company Emerson Realty Group.

cfrDuring the coming months the majority of my time was dedicated in the development of an Orange-Seminole County residential branch office for Emerson Realty Group in the new University Shoppes adjacent to the University of Central Florida - a key location serving the South Seminole County custom home communities marketed by ERG.

The coming weeks were activity filled: Interviewing staff and sales associates, Interior decorators, office equipment, telephone & computer services, Orlando and Seminole County Board of Realtors, Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, cfrdaily conferences with Mr. Emerson, the business development & marketing director, Lee Corso, the Fine Homes, Commercial and REO managers. Then Tuesday's company-wide sales meetings at the corporate offices in Altamonte Springs. Never a dull moment.

Charlie Emerson, Jr. was a native of Chatanooga, TN, WW II Navy Veteran and a graduate of the University of Tennesee. He began his career as a salesman with General Foods and later became a sales manager for E. Everette Huskey and Huskey Realty.

He and Everette, aka, "Mr. Real Estate" and Jim Herod developed Sweetwater - a 2,000 acre community of 2,250 estate homes which consisted of Sweetwater Oaks, Sweetwater Country Club and Central Florida's first gated community Sweetwater Club - which set a new standard for Seminole County attracting affluent home buyers in competition with Orlando communities such as Winter Park, Bay Hill, Isleworth, Metro West and Windermere.

Charlie Emerson surrounded himself with the most interesting and successful personalities. One in particular, Lee Corso - an American sports broadcaster, football analyst for ESPN and former head coach at Indiana, Northern Illinois and Louisville Universities. Lee also was the head coach for the Orlando Renegades of the United States Football League in 1985. As the marketing and business development director at ERG, he would indeed leave you one inspired soul had you ever attended one of his locker room style sessions.

There's a comical memory involving Lee Corso at our Southwest Orlando office. It was a typical gorgeous Central Florida Saturday morning. Lee gets on the intercom inviting everyone to meet Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson.

Everyone just knew this guy was full of it and not a soul moved an inch. Wouldn't you know it up drives a red Mercedes convertible with this hunk stuffed in behind a handsome Cowboy and a flashy blonde. It was none other than Tom, Burt & Loni in the flesh. (Lee and Burt were college roommates at Florida State) This was to be the day no one would ever forget!

Tom, Burt and Loni were there to sign off on purchases of three estate properties in the exclusive Southwest Orlando community "Isle of Osprey" on the Butler Chain of Lakes.

Charlie Emerson had all the traits of an entrepreneur, a born salesman - a special man in every way. Charlie was a great mentor to me, a teacher and a visionary. He died July 27, 2000 at the age of 73 of complications from pneumonia.

Again during 1990-1998, I would the good fortune to be associated with another real estate industry leader - Thomas J. Decker, owner and principal broker of Decker Realty in Virginia Beach, VA. An influential force in Hampton Roads with a rock solid reputation.

c2tc Understanding the significance of military relocation cycles and it's effect on the residential marketplace in the Mid-Atlantic region's economy I effectively applied the many years of experience in communicating with sellers and buyers and became recognized as one of the prominent listing and selling forces in Hampton Roads applying my " Nothing happens until you talk to somebody" principle with significant results. I arrived in Virginia Beach in June 1990 and in July was recognized as the" LISTING AGENT OF THE MONTH FOR JULY. "

In the summer of 2000, Tom passed away after a courageous fight against cancer. He will be sadly missed by all.

Time Residential, Inc. - One Columbus Center, Sixth Floor, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Time Residential was established in May of 1998 opening offices in the One Columbus Center tower specializing in Corporate & Military Relocation with an emphasis in Absentee Owner Residential Property Management.

Mission Statement: Time Residential will be the "Best Value" residential sales and marketing company by establishing a "Business Partner" relationship with our community in which we are the "Preferred Choice."


JOHN W. WRIGHT III, Principal Broker
Virginia and Florida Real Estate Broker. Specialization: Corporate / Military Relocation, Absentee Owner Residential Property Management. Over 39 years full time real estate experience, 37 years as a real estate broker.

We are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers and an accredited member of the Hampton Roads Better Business Bureau who has received 5 out of 5 stars based on Customer Reviews with an A+ BBB Rating. Our continued success will be the result of each residential counselor's initiative and ability to exceed our client's and customer's expectations through attention to detail, follow-through and commitment to excellence.

"Values are what get you through hard times and good times. They are the things that give meaning and purpose to what you do" - Forbes.com